Fat Baby Bourbon

• Premium Small Batch Bourbon
• Impeccable balance of spice, honey, and vanilla
• Robust in flavor and smooth in finish

Alcohol by volume: 57% | Proof: 114
Age: Minimum of 4 years | Origin: New York

Fat Baby Family's Barrel Strength Straight Bourbon is an exemplary representation of New York's burgeoning whiskey scene. Its impeccable balance of spice, honey, and vanilla showcases the distillery's dedication to crafting a bourbon that is both robust in flavor and smooth in finish. The fact that it's a small batch production speaks to the meticulous care and attention to detail, ensuring that every bottle is a taste of pure excellence. A must-try for bourbon aficionados and newcomers alike.

This bourbon captures the eye with its rich, amber hue, a testament to its time spent maturing in oak barrels.

At first whiff, there's an inviting harmony of spice interwoven with sweet honey. As you delve deeper, soft undertones of vanilla begin to emerge, reminiscent of the bourbon's interaction with the charred oak during its cask aging process. The balance struck here showcases its character and careful craftsmanship.

The spice that first graces the nose sets the stage on the palate, providing a warm welcome. This initial heat is soon complemented by the mellow sweetness of honey, creating a beautiful juxtaposition. As the tasting journey progresses, delicate vanilla notes unfold, adding complexity and creaminess.

A smooth and lingering finish ensures that the warmth of the spice and the sweetness of honey and vanilla resonate long after the sip has gone. The finish is extended, velvety, and truly memorable.